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Clic Ensemble saw daylight during spring 1993. The idea of a small mixed ensemble was kindled after over a decade of making music together in several choirs, e.g. the Tapiola Chamber Choir.


The first concert of the new ensemble was held in the autumn of 1993 with the guitarist, Andrzej Wilkus.The Clic Ensemble has been guided by Finnish Old Music professionals as well as by Evelyn Tubb, Michael Fields and The Hilliard Ensemble. Plenty of time is set aside between the public performances to allow for the new repertoire to mature and for trying out new music. After all, there are far fewer free evenings in a year than excellent music!


Victoria, Byrd, Lasso, Monteverdi and Gesualdo are on top of the ensemble's sheet music stack, but Carita Holmström and jazz tunes can be found there, too. Decisions concerning the repertoire are always made by intuition – that’s Clic.The Clic Ensemble’s first CDs were released in 2007-2008. A collection of Christmas carols, Rauhaa vain rauhaa, was released in 2007, followed by the madrigals album Time in 2008. 


During the season 2013-2014 Clic Ensemble celebrates its 20th anniversary and the jubilee concert was held in Meilahti Church on Monday 9.6.2014. 


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