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I grew up in an environment where making things ourselves was natural. My father started his own business in the beginning of the 1960's and my mother helped him as much as possible while raising two daughters at the same time. I started working with the family business in 1979 after my graduation from school. I thought this would be a temporary arrangement, but in 2009 I celebrated my 30 years as an entrepreneur.
Still, I have always been an artist.
I started to play the piano at the age of 5 followed by violin a few years later. I sang in the Tapiola Choir for over 13 years. We toured and performed in dozens of countries, hundreds of concert halls and churches, and made a World Tour in 1981. Later, as a young adult, I sang in the Tapiola Chamber Choir.
In 1993 we started with CLIC ENSEMBLE, a group of five singers performing renaissance vocal music.
I have always loved working with my hands: making greeting cards, sewing choir dresses, sofa covers, my own wedding dress, a national costume dress, needle point etc. I was thrilled to make clothes for our two daughters when they were small.
Mosaic beguiled me some ten years ago. I love working with a material which is cold and hard and does neither stretch nor bend. And yet, glass is very fragile and stubborn, and acts exactly as it wants. At the same time it is clear, bright, fresh and honest. Its colours are always fascinating, and finally, when you get a grip of it, it will display its best and breathtaking qualities.

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