In these pages you will find some pictures of my mosaic works, information about my workshop -”Pian Paja” – and links to some other important and interesting web pages. Please feel free to write to me about anything – questions, suggestions – anything related to mosaics.
My Mosaic Workshop "Pian Paja" is in Helsinki, Finland. You are most welcome to see my ready works and me working there. I tend to have a few works on the table all the time, and sometimes I spend a few hours just playing with colours. Take a moment to come and see all the hundreds and hundreds of colours surrounding me every day. Just call me or write an e-mail and suggest a date which is good for you.
I also organize small mosaic courses during the week-ends. Please reserve a few hours on Saturday and another few hours on Sunday if you wish to attend. Just drop me a line to make your first mosaic-experience come true!

Apart from mosaics I also create some Tiffany-glass works and leadcame works.
I am happy to tell you more about my colourful glass world!

VAT 2304787-2

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